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Eyes Bee

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Eyes Bee

The bees contain two types of eyes Snzlm in this article and mention their characteristics and their use
Compound eyes
-uadd Eyes composite of two bee
-ttalv Compound eyes of a few thousand of the optical units
-tqa Eyes Antrbhaly both sides of the head of the bee
- Compound eyes are hexagonal
-tstkhaddm Bee Bee eyes when the vehicle is outside the cell to see long distances
-taatcef Ability to distinguish colors that distinguish the human eye except for the color red.
-alaaon Vehicle is characterized by sensitivity to UV.
- The number of optical units in the eye when the vehicle mentioned twice the number of units that the visual eye make up the entry for this reason the eyes of the male very Dkhmtan, that distinguishes the male and can follow the Queen during the royal wedding trip flight.
Statistics eyes
-add Three simple eyes
- Statistics eyes are located at the top of the head,
- Bee Statistics eyes used inside the cell near vision and dim lighting.
World of bees
- Bee has two types of eyes God created them to be used as needed

European honey bees -aad of the best types of bees for educators to distinguish profusely production
- Sugar phenomenon when bees as scientists called it is one of the prevalent phenomena when the bees, one of the one of the wonders of the bees, and spoke sugar phenomenon when bees when dealing with during his journey of certain substances such as ethanol, ethanol, and it produces a result of fermenting some ripe fruits in nature, when come Bee The address of this article becomes in the case of "drunk" Just like humans, can effect this Article lasts for 48 hours.

-tattabr Bee sting of defensive methods being used by a bee or a group of bees to defend itself or Akhlatha from pests or animals you eat or eat Azlea or human bites reasons, including taking honey from the nest

- Scientists observed that in each hive of bees that there is some God given her as a kind of "alarms", you can feel the smell of bees and drunken fight him and keep him out of the cell

Shall bees which deals intoxicating substances become a bad reputation, but when you wake up from this bee Sla allowed to enter the cell directly, but after making sure that the toxic effect of the final I still Bee.

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