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Sometimes we encounter in our lives people have us our emotions, have attractive personalities affect anyone who came into contact with, and all of us wish to possess such characters, and of course there are fundamental constituents of those figures you've mentioned some of them in a previous article entitled (the art of dealing .. key to the hearts of the people) was talk about the art of the deal in general, while here it some privacy .. and we will focus to talk about in this article explicitly and without any reservations

The basic components of a personal attractive
First - appearance makes you more attractive: because the shape first what attracts the eye, and act as a traffic ticket to the hearts had to be to put it in first priority .. and that we give adequate attention, and of course I do not mean here purpose of procreation is not able to change, but I mean, elegance and good grooming, and attention to personal hygiene Kalozafar care form, being careful to quiet perfume and beautiful setting, because most scents cause headaches and raises for some sensitivity and thus feel of Tjalshm upset, in addition to the scents - as well as male - not suitable for councils and indoor .
We must be aware that it is not a requirement that one of us is wearing the most expensive clothes and buys precious perfumes to achieve this end, but this is done through interest in coherence between colors, even if characterized by simplicity.
Try to look smiling Hasha Pasha, Valaptsamp know their way to the heart, and never interfere with dignity, quite the opposite of laughter because this makes you more attractive.
Secondly - Etiquette Amajalsp make you more attractive: When you sit with a try as much as possible that he took all your interest and Ti_agl given to the earth, and is keen on its adhesion, it may be with you what Anverh you, and reduced movement and attention they are foolish guide, and watch out for all your moves for you may overlook and do some bad habits, and try to make all your thinking in an interview with the interviewer may ask you for a point and can not answer them takes it to his boring does not appeal to you.
When you visit, try as much as possible to be mild, and not to prolong a private stay if you are the only visitor or stranger in a family community, or homogeneous, and you have to choose the right time to visit, and to be as much as possible the invitation, and even though I saw applauded for Majalcetk not often visited him only if invited you do not even look like a person troublesome boring regret that know you, and you must not only sit in the place chosen by you.
Try not to use your mobile phone to make your calls during Ajtmaekma, and not use it except for necessity or to respond to touch and quietly voice low and be concisely reply, nor extend your hand to use the phone only to the need for the permission.
No intersection for permission Bansrav during caused you, and if she asked do not speak anything but praise for the beautiful hospitality to you, and you should not talk to him for a dislikes, no mistakes or lapses appear in front of one, it will give the impression that you think you are worth that invites one to his home.
The event and invited you to food, try as much as possible to apologize, though he brought not too much eating, even if you're hungry, do not eat quickly, do not talk with your mouth, food, and gave you a coffee or tea careful not to drink only after the drink is from Kobe has it be what you hate is located in a very awkward.
Try as much as possible not to look for the body of the Council and the furniture in his presence, and moved away from the curious to read what those around you from newspapers, magazines and papers, do not extend your hand to anything that your eyes fall upon these recipes ugly.
Try to be moderate in sit, sit Some situations reflect bad manners, do not extend your legs around him, do not put a man on man.
At the beginning of the audience does not Tsabgah to enter, and when you do not leave him out to give him the opportunity to fit down your place.
Familiarize yourself to control your actions and stay away from bad habits Kalabt in the teeth, ears, nails, nose, they are repulsive acts disgusting and Alastqmar, and try yawning not appear and was not able to keep your mouth closed or filled with your hand, Valtthaab recipe reprehensible religiously norm, and the opening of the mouth which expresses a lack of taste and literature.
Thirdly - Etiquette talk make you more attractive: Try to be attentively and listener more than to be speaking, and thought well in the recipe your words before you pronounce it, and choose your vocabulary well, and does not speak with does not grasp it, or you do not have sufficient information, and raise your voice, but spoke in a calm and natural, and the intersection of interlocutor Bhdazq even if you have an explanation or objection unless the head you Bastidah or question, do not abound of objections, even if you're right, but you do not need an active, try to be nice and tactful manner and tried to be talking in the same area in which your event do, do not take the initiative to open a new field to talk until you know the trends of sit with, it speaks to no suits him or touch him, though it is imperative that you start talking tried to pick Thread interesting, is not keen on talk with incredible even though it is already a real event, and is keen to dwell Bhdazq, and give the opportunity of Ajalsk in the shares, and stayed away from backbiting and gossip and frequent criticism.
If the Qakma is the first not talk too much about yourself so as not to look in his eyes a narcissist, nor will cost not you, and you have to speak the words are understandable, and focus your thoughts so they look more confident of yourself, and not too much to talk about your business and your own life seems loquacious not have any privacy, and look for areas of common public talk.
Even if your meetings with him, there are many special things not worthy of your talk about in your own life, and also ask in their own affairs, though he tried to talk about you tried to get away in a conversation about where to go, even though there was a fair price for the post.
Fourth - Asahbhoualemhafezh rights make them more attractive: Now we come to the second phase of a good deal after that passed the dating stage, to know the rights and limits of others and go beyond them, it is easy for us to win the love of people, but to maintain this balance is difficult.
The most important comrades rights you maintain what is going on between you and them, and kept them with friendliness and respect, and to stay away from jokes and talk Garah, literature and discipline are required with all the people until relatives you regardless of the degree of relationship and proximity, it is cultivated love does not reap only love, to know that people do not like a mirror reflecting only what is in front of them.
Try to stay away from selfishness and self love, they make you an outcast Etjnbug others, and even though plagued tried to get rid of them gradually, and it may seem difficult, but not impossible, and trained yourself to control your temper and stay away from anger, A dream source of happiness for you because it brings you closer to people in God in this world and the hereafter.
Do not be a Oama, nor Mtberma many arguments, and pride as though not stingy, but missed hasten to apologize, and deal with others openly and frankly Mtelmusa kindness and gentleness in and away from the insolence and lack of taste, and you'll modesty and humility they prophets attributes, and tried to move away from the transfer of the bad news until people between you and them is not connecting, remember that not everyone knows what is being said.
Try to look collaborator with people when they ask you for help, do not embarrass anyone in the district needs, and be sure to take advantage of happy occasions in greeting, and do not forget the painful events in sympathy, in these cases established acts and attitudes in mind.
Choose the appropriate times always need to ask, though happened if you happened to need at a time was not appropriate Vgd of the request lose the better for you to lose one of your relationship with them.
If you're standing or sitting with a group and you want to leave asked for permission not suddenly go off, even though they did not speak with you, and if you stopped at the newspaper vendor and Shidk address in one of which is not picked up to read, but take it and pay for it and then read it out, and if I sat next to one to read a book or magazine hijacks the newspaper or not seen to read this behavior is unacceptable in all societies.
If I called one of your acquaintances do not prolong talk to him and ask him if he was busy, and if your phone is outlined in your words do not talk to him in matters of lengthy explanations may be busy and ashamed to apologize to you and try to make ending the conversation is always at hand.

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