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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪money‬‏

Money in the language: is all Atamol tend to self

Money is all that can be acquired and could use it on the usual face, and notes from this definition comprehensiveness of each varieties of funds, where the concept of money is not limited to only coins as is prevalent in our time.

And normalize he knows of any commodity can be used for trade, for the storage of value and unit of account. And the value of the money gained from its purchasing power, which usually goes down over the years and called on the name of the lifeblood of money, amounting to meet the needs and achieve the benefits of its importance, which contributed to the development of financial science, so as to maximize the funds owned by the size and thus maximize benefits.

Money sections and types:

- As consistency and whether or not a - Real Estate: a hard money, which can not be moved and transferred from one place to another, but with the change of the first image, and includes land, buildings and trees ((Maalikis)), who accept the pre-emption and the consequent neighboring rights, and take into account the interest when confiscation.

B - Moved: Houma accept transportation and mislead the original image, which does not accept pre-emption.
- As deal:
A- like me: is what is unprecedented in the market is a significant disparity between the traders Ahadeh, and be in Almiklat and Mozonat and Almtdat, such as barley and wheat, and security in homosexual be the same.
B my values: what is varied Ahadeh significant merchants, such as animals and property variation.
- As security
A Mottagom: Homaajos use it religiously for choice, such as wheat, barley, real estate, and that it must guarantee the destructive.
B - is Mottagom: Humala may use it religiously, and it must guarantee absolutely the Maalikis for Muslim and non-Muslim, such as pork, alcohol and dead, for it does not consider money in any way.
Knows a lot of money that is already Iktnyh person whether what Iktnyh person's eyes or the eyes of the benefit, such as gold, silver, etc .., and the benefit, such as clothing, housing, etc .., and what rights do not Iktnyh no money called a bird in the sky and the fish in the sea.
Money is a means to estimate the stuff from which to purchase and investment, it is an important aspect of life which is the physical side. Any person who works and misery to gain money can get the money by his effort and mind and can also provide the needs and welfare of that money.
Life became all depend on money, everything in life is estimated the value of money, whether small or large value of man can not manage its affairs and its needs without money.
Definition of the economy:
The economy in the language: the source of the verb "sparingly" originally intended: any mediated and moderated in the matter, said: accidentally in any brokered it did not exceed the threshold required.

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