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 The soft hair of features beautiful women so all women are trying to work on smoothing their hair. Here we'll be coming to you and the natural qualities of hair straighteners, namely: -
The recipe is: -
Ingredients: -
Five tablespoons mayonnaise
Two tablespoons cream Barashwt
Cactus tablespoons oil
Tablespoon honey
Ground cumin

Method: -

Mix these ingredients together and maintain the same ingredients until you get to the homogeneous hair cream.

Then put it on your scalp for two hours and rinse with lukewarm water.

The second recipe: -
Ingredients: -
Flower Allisan
And coconut oil

How to prepare
Flower Allisan Put in a glass of water, then add coconut oil and Algelesaran to Tthsali on shampoo.

The third recipe: -
Banana peel
Olive oil
Castor oil with mayonnaise

Method of use is
Drying banana peel and grind to a powder and then add the rest of ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture of henna either for use Vdaah on your hair for 30 minutes does not is covered with hair bag Balastic then rinse your hair well and make certain that this process once a week, and you'll get a wonderful and healthy result .

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