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Prevention of flu

Prevention of flu 

In the current period, everyone became susceptible to influenza virus infection, especially if a person does not follow the preventive measures the daily health, and these procedures apply to children in schools, homes and clubs, as well as the adults in their work and through mixing with others. 
Resistant influenza hot lemon, garlic and onions 
In this context, advises Dr. existing Refaay professor of diseases of the chest of the need to increase each person and each family of preventive measures, especially in the case of the emergence of these infections, stressing that there is no need to panic, Prevention and attention to good nutrition the best solution to deal with this virus and increase immunity. 
Now estimated to deal with the flu to "ice cream" 
He stressed on the first proper nutrition based on fruits and vegetables full of vitamins "c - a", and eating a lot of hot drinks a day, Kalenson, mint, ginger, cinnamon, and these types of food increase the immune system and strengthen it. 
Home remedies for symptoms of influenza successful 
For other preventive measures, stressed that a person reduce the presence in public places and frequently throughout the day, and the lack of presence in one place with closed from suffering from flu or cough continuously, so he does not get infected fast. 
Rest and fluid intake warm to cold and treat influenza 

 A nail polish wrong 

Tertkben have a certain error when applying nail polish your own, then certainly Stljoan to correct the error Bmazil paint, but what if carried nail polish remover ... What to do in this case, to know new ways to remove nail polish: 
Spray deodorant: Seek the help Besbraa rich odor remover chemicals and alcohol that can remove nail polish. Sprinkle Sbraa fingernail on more than once, then licked the product by a cotton ball, the alcohol component of the spray odor remover for the work of the paint remover, since the dissolution of the components of the product and they allowed, appears on a cotton ball like Tstaanin acetone. 
Installer to paint nail polish: If you made a mistake in the process of applying nail polish and did not pay attention to that nail polish remover had been carried out, gay to the Top Coat, stratified on your fingernail and before it dries swab Balqtna. Tdatrin have to repeat the process to remove paint Tdmna fully, as the installer transparent paint coatings basic moisturizes and works to the disintegration of Taatmkny easily removed. 
Hair spray: hair spray works to hydrate the nail polish and the formation of an adhesive layer, which makes it easy to remove the paint Balqtna. Ttachri not remove the color from your fingernail, as in the first seconds of the spray can be allowed to facilitate the removal of color, but after it dries it is unable to install color. 

Individual hair at home without damage 

The lot of the ladies wrap hair and linking, without the opportunity for him to breathe, and this lapping consistently could cause some damage to the hair, as she says beautician Chomaz, "Most of the girls resort to traditional methods in the treatment of hair and straighten, which are the results useless to some extent large, resulting in the loss of protein and Alkeriatin natural hair because of weather factors and aging. " 
She adds, "Alkeriatin one of these methods for the treatment of hair and straighten quickly, but leaves the harmful effects on the health of hair over time, while the protein is another way to treat hair Impressive though the results remain slim, especially for curly hair with nature." 
Emphasizes "Chomaz" the optimal solution and the best compared to protein and Alkeriatin is a hair treatment by water gold and Botox, vitamins and amino acid to get through on the proportion of treatment and an individual close to 100% without any damage, and can be used for children as well, so by splitting the hair separated from the part, then put little amino acid on two tablespoons of honey and coconut white and then add a little Botox. 
And complement: mix all these elements together, then add a few of them and painted by each set of hair divided in advance and leaves, then wash off after an hour and warns completely dried immediately after use. 

Learn the feelings of women 

If you are an admirer of the girl and I wanted to reveal the true feelings towards you, all you need to do is to translate the language of the body have it through their movements can discover the extent of her love, here's these signs that indicate the positive feelings of women: 
Holiday in the heart of the connotations and meanings of love know it 
If a girl is waiting for the opportunity to spend time with you, and leave no occasion even talk with you, and make up excuses to prolong the time of dialogue to gather as much information about you, as well as if gave you the title calculated on the social networking or e-mail address or phone number on its own without requested them. 
How do you make your relationship Bhabibtk successful and stable? 
If invited you to identify friends and relatives, and I've known that they are talking about you always, and tell everyone about you specifically, they are definitely interested in you, and if they mimic your actions, and trying to change the habits that I noticed that you do not like it, it certainly is trying to sign your choice by wives and future. 
35 romantic gesture for the holiday of love 
If you notice that your girl feel jealous or you are with another girl, or even while talking about the other, make sure that her feelings toward you are not normal, also if you notice it has become meets your "coincidence" almost frequently, because the girl who is a fan of a young man who is seeking to Seen with him a lot, and therefore may go to the same places frequented by this man. 
Your guide to write the most beautiful love letters for holiday 
If you are looking out suddenly, and found the girl consider you without knowing that you see, they are definitely impressed with you, and if you notice that this girl is Bigaztk, and ignoring for pushing you to recognize their love, this is a sign of her love, and if the girl was talking to you about the future, and noted that it reminds plans Taatdmenk future, they certainly want to keep your partner in her life to come. 

Get rid of belly fat 

Piling up of fat in the abdominal area and waist when some men, and caused severe inconvenience to them as well as the appearance is desirable, and in order to shift this fat into muscle, you have to work on the following: 
Some exercises to flatten the muscles 
Repetition exercises: to work on the division of the abdominal muscles in a professional manner, you can exercise the usual for 3 consecutive days without a rest period, on the fourth day which marks the middle of the week, you must repeat these exercises again the same strategy to increase its impact on the abdominal area. 
6 foods to be avoided man 
Continue the exercises: After the completion of the first step, you need to continue to exercise for a longer period than during the transition from exercise to another without getting any rest period, and continued Tdrebatk the same effort, and to take any drink or juice naturally to restore energy to your body again and continue to exercise without feeling tired or Stress. 
For men: 10 Habits keeps your youth 
Return to the starting point: get muscles belly powerful does not require the address of the new exercises all the time, but basically depends on the size of the effort made by the trainee, so do not think too much in that repetition will not lead to any satisfactory result, quite the contrary, Fdilat abdomen need for the same exercise constantly to keep the look professional, and divided for 6 different regions. 
6 foods on the man addressed 
Get rid of the fat: even if you suffer from fat, you'll get the muscles of the abdomen strong after undergo these exercises for a long time, but here we must find a way more favorable to get rid of Wazzan excess in the abdominal area, even has the appearance athlete you are looking for. 

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