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Colorful love birds

Colorful love birds

I called the bird love this name to attach one pair it with each other sexually attracted to strong, the lost, one can not be easily compensated, as the other individual link rejects with others, and to birds love many species and variety, and can Taúrna this to popularize for about ten years.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن طيور الحب

To breed large numbers of lovebirds must:

Choice of birds are in the age of youth, or about 4 months
And be a good and active healthy eye and lose than not receive any satisfactory beams
Then the birds are placed in a metal cage suitable for a number or Slake can be customized when carpenter and be a big area, by the number of birds to be bred
Then primitive initialization phase and so well Bataamha
And put them in a well-ventilated place and is facing strong air currents
This period gives the hobbyist surveillance opportunities and recording observations
Until attained the age of the damaged and mating

Food types:
As is well known is fed small birds such as lovebirds and Albadji grain which is the main food for these birds and consists of the following combination as we know (Vlars - Dneibeh - Bnickam - the core of the small sunflower)

The mixture can be purchased ready in shops selling birds tools or supermarkets can provide vegetables such as
Lettuce, watercress, alfalfa and carrots
And some types of fruits such as grapes with no propagation of fruit
It can provide hard-boiled egg mixture with breadcrumbs Kbrocan especially important to reach the bird chicks and readiness for mating
Starts from the age of 6 months and almost adulthood is ten months and the method of identifying the male from the female educator notes courtship the male than the female or vice versa female to male and stillness, therefore, called love birds and in doing so can be identified harmonious birds

Or in the following way:
Examine the anus of both male and female male circular aperture and deep
The female is oval aperture and outstanding
And that these signs do not appear before the age of six months after the passage of the bird that birds begin to be damaged transfer each pair of birds to a cage alone until they are ready for mating

And the usefulness of individual cages keeps the kids where the parents no longer be only inside the cage because other birds the more old be fierce as well as if a parent dies it easier for the teacher to find out and that the new synthesis

The cages are suitable for birds in terms of area, be any size (40 cm) It is known that this bird has a beak lends wood, preferably metal cage instead of wood and other reasons that the timber in which to breed some types of insects

After placing each pair of birds in a cage on the course after the damaged or they are male and female and the birds are in the age of puberty, as I mentioned earlier it is placed small size nest at least 20 cm height made of wood and the door of the nest from the top
And placed inside a straw and can be non-coarse sawdust
And placed directly in the nest
Or the use of palm fronds
It can be put inside the nest and kicks him out of the nest and the bird compiled and build a nest is the best

Starts from the beginning of the breeding season, the month of October to the month of July where we note the increase in selling pairs with chicks and abundance in August
During that period must provide calcium for birds is a grandeur and squid Note drinking water because the female likes to drink water in this period and provide vegetables such as watercress female lays usually between 4 to 7 eggs
The female sits on the eggs about 24 days and is called the (lap eggs)
As we know that the female bosom eggs may help sometimes mentioned in the lap and the male is usually feed the chicks.

The birds love of the smallest parrots in the world as it is and deserved more birds popularity among all pet birds, and did not get this title, but uniqueness small size and beauty of form and the diversity of its colors and its activity and high vitality, as the lovebirds full of energy, both at greeting the new day, or when they construct the nest, and watching and playing with them very interesting and makes us happy.

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