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What photography and what are the types

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What photography and what are the types

Photography or photography or photography is called Pictures production process mediated by lighting effects; rays reflected from the scene to be fiction within the photosensitive material, and then deal with this article then, is produced by the image represent the view. Photography is also called photography. The word Photographic (Photography) is derived from the Greek, means drawing or writing with light.

Types of photography:

1 / nature photography:
In nature photography must take into account the existence of the earth, sky and water - if any - blending these natural formations with the presence of the moon or the stars at an angle and lighting gives a certain photographer impressive results. The best of times for landscape photography is a sunset or sunrise with a drag-and-control-driven and be shadows.
2 / the life of cities:
Is what crosses city life and what is going on in the streets of living events.
3 / night imaging:
Night photography has a specific time, the perfect time to shoot is after sunset minutes or before sunrise, when the color of the sky dark blue, and are not using the flash in the night pictures and needs to a tripod for the camera (camera) or placed on a stable surface.
4 / wildlife photography:
Is filming wild animals and life in general of birds and reptiles and others. This type of imaging requires precision and control to capture the best images of the animal with a comprehensive study of the environment of the object before imaging to locate the presence of animals and the time of reproduction.
5 / black and white:
Ancient Art There are several choices of images can be used black and white technique on them. Preferably image containing white blacks and all degrees of close to seven degrees to complete excellence. Some digital cameras has the black and white photography option and some cameras do not have this option but the photographer can convert images to black and white by the accompanying software for the camera or the program (Photoshop) rich from the definition.
6 / near Photography:
Near imaging is filming nearby objects with the show minute details such as insects, flowers, and the pages of books and other. Types: Imaging (Alclaus August) and be by materializing (2: 1), shooting (macro) and the percentage of materializing (1: 1) - is the normal size - and Imaging (Micro) and be by materializing (1:10), which enter into the minute details too.
7 / photographing people:
Such as photographing children, youth, and the elderly. It has a very different methods for taking the distinctive images for each category of age, preferably focus on the face and eye more on the outlook and direction of view, and there are numerous methods countless to highlight the image characteristically. Imaging in this area as possible existence of a person, two people or more every category have special methods to deal with it, the easiest groups is shooting only one person could photographer through the conversation personal knowledge and some of the beauty and weaknesses of a person's face to the picture be natural expressions face.
8 / abstract photography:
The Art of Imaging Arts, stripping the subject of what the eye sees, in other words: shoot the thing in a certain way raise questions in the mind of the recipient is not necessary to clarify the picture as an idea and the concept or the meaning is clear and legible to the recipient, but to open perceptions limitless in the imagination of the viewer.
9 / Photojournalism:
Photojournalism depends on seize opportunities primarily on speed and photographer and Nebahth and its potential in the knowledge shots striking attractive job for the event, and we must be realistic and clear and understandable and is partially opaque to the viewer.
10 / sports photography:
Sports photography is part of photojournalism, and seize the opportunities it is something very important. To the success of any sports image must Sports Illustrated familiarity and knowledge of the methods and ways of every sports game to increase opportunities in the capture Featured Photos. Using zoom lenses after a long focal length to shoot sporting events or the status of sports photography in the small cameras.
11 / Still life photography:
Is filming fixed objects, images of art composed (element or several elements) are often working on the silent images of nature inside Alastaidio to coordinate elements and lighting. And is used extensively to portray the ads; they need to have time, precision and care in choosing the elements unlike the press photos that need for speed.
12 / advertising photography:
Is filming commercials or other categories, and where to focus on the product and its kind.
13 / aerial photography:
The art of photography and the arts depends on taking shots and pictures from the air by helicopter or civilian aircraft or from very high places.
14 / architectural photography:
Is filming buildings and to highlight the beauty of art in ways that ancient, there are two types of architectural photography internal and external imaging.
15 / Panorama:
Capture a series of images for many scenes of equal angles and degrees, and assembled with each other in a single transverse or longitudinal image.
16 / silhouette:
The art of the specific objects appear black without showing features a colorful background, and this is by making the lighting behind the subject Aokhalaf body to be filmed.

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