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What is diabetes

What is diabetes

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Heads diabetes, who clearly expresses an imbalance in member (pancreas) and secretion of the hormone insulin in Dam- to the list of common diseases and accepted, and the spread of the disease among large groups of people, and different symptoms depending on the degree of injury, and the response of the body of the disease, and the system of life that is different from person to person to another, but in general are considered symptoms of diabetes are common and familiar with the various people with the disease.

Varying degrees of seriousness of diabetes in general, but it is known that this disease can be controlled as long as the symptoms were diagnosed correctly, was discovered early, and aware of the patient is aware of this and take care of himself. Sugar and symptoms appear disproportionately among younger patients, and the corresponding older, the difference was also evident between sugar male female patient and the patient; differing sex is an important factor for the emergence of sugar and contrast symptoms.

Symptoms of diabetes ARTHRITIS first category
Worth individuals attention by the emergence of symptoms of diabetes on them, and improve the absorption of their bodies in a way to enable them to protect themselves from sugar, and protect themselves from the aggravation if they are infected with it, and be symptoms of this disease by the incidence and pattern of class, and we'll talk here about the common symptoms experienced by people with diabetes from the owners The first category, which is well known and clear to all infected male and female, young and old.

Increased urination, accompanied by increased thirst, and the inevitable result of this is to increase the demand for drinking liquids.
Appetite open down the intake of foods, and this offer is clearly injured when the first group of children.
Weight loss.
The incidence of apathy and constant fatigue, and the incidence of fatigue, tension and perhaps Aalasttharh and anger.
Parties injury pain, and for infections of the gums and teeth.
The deterioration of the mouth if the patient did not care oral health.
Increase the patient's exposure to exacerbate infections and wounds that may be unusual in non-infected ratio.
The deterioration of the sense of sight, and be constantly blurred vision, and are growing among diabetics and graduated from the first class to appear for their counterparts from the second category.

For a female diabetic symptoms
Continuous inflammation is accompanied by a kind of itching in the genitals.
Increasing proportion of abortion and the birth of deformed children.

Special mention the diabetic symptoms
These symptoms are common among men, and some might be available for females, but by less.
Impotence, loss of libido.
Weight loss and slenderness, despite the fact that obesity may be a pathogen.
Obvious defect in blood pressure; Therefore, we believe that a large proportion of diabetic patients infected defect in blood pressure as well.
Injury serious condition called (acidification blood tectonic) caused by faulty diet that representation, which in rare cases can lead to coma, causing of death, and to the breath and depth of speed.
A smell similar to nail polish remover (acetone) in patients.

Must be given adequate attention and care of our bodies in a way enables us to distinguish the symptoms of the disease is important as a disease of sugar, and everyone not to neglect any offer of sugar symptoms, attention to conduct periodic tests to help detect such diseases and particularly blood tests.

Sugar symptoms in general
Sugar patient suffering from loss and weight loss significantly.
Become diabetic patient need to urinate more than the former; there can dispense with the toilet for a long time.
It is suffering from diabetes is to drink large quantities of water, the water becomes his companion wherever solution.
Deteriorate view diabetic much; where it is difficult to see things clearly.
Victims suffer some sugar emergence of some infections on their skin, and the occurrence of other infections, such as chronic middle ear, and inflammation in and around the finger nails, and inflammation of the gums, inflammation of the gall bladder, and many others.
Infected diabetic jittery and frequent tension.
The catch of diabetes than children not to feel too much dispersion concentration.
There are strange symptoms experienced by patients infected with sugar, a strong passion, and love to eat sweets so much, but it was before the injury is not a fan of sugars and not addicted to them.
Infected women with diabetes face a strong itching in the genital, troubled her so much.
The children with diabetes are exposed to severe vomiting, which kills them to the severe drought.
Symptoms of diabetes in children infected strong convulsions that are harmful to their much
The sugar patient suffering from exposure to dizziness often
Adult diabetics in the age suffer from being overweight significantly
Diabetics people more susceptible to disease and stroke, atherosclerosis and angina, kidney disease and excess
The symptoms of diabetes significantly affected the lungs, and a sense of severe pain in them, and the occurrence of so-called tuberculosis.
The cause of diabetes for women at high risk pregnancy; it can cause abortion in some cases, or cause the death of the fetus inside the womb, or working to bring about distortions in the fetus.
Diabetes affects libido when Musabiah especially in men.
Diabetes affects sensation when Musabiah; Vivkdhm feeling Botrafhm, occurs where the pain, and sometimes feel Berudtha, and sometimes other Bhrartha, and sometimes lose their sense of them completely.
The appearance of dimples in abundance is one of the symptoms of diabetes
Rotation of the diarrhea and constipation for a diabetic.

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