السبت، 28 فبراير 2015



نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪sad‬‏

Away in the quiet of the night and sleep, which Nawi him every night ...

Gather what my sorrow and pain of painful ...
Cries tears ...

Painful memories ...

I hope that Otanasy those sorrows ...

And Ibhrfa world of love and safety ....

My heart agony of despair and surrender was tired ....

Vazmt, but I go back to it again ...

I dreamed of and decided to make a reality of the dream

A reality where Ataih

Warmest feelings and emotions

If my thinking and take me dream

To a place I do not see before

And Rod

Birds tweet

Oasis wide green

The spectrum is approaching Baeyeeyeeyed

Occurred myself darn What is this?

He will draw more and more Mona

I found a halo of light

He is?

Approached me whispering voice wavering Khaavc

Welcome to where the beautiful dream

Here in our city

Where there is the presence of sorrows and Alaaam

Here is where spirituality and white hearts

Not afford not to fulfill

Approached me and touched my hands hands

Take me to the bosom and feel safe

My heart shuddered occurred myself

Are you dreaming or is it reality?

Before pronounce my lips found him to answer

Do not be afraid Come close to me

Sentil ensure oasis love singing

We will see the stars Clear skies

The birds love that wraps around us

I did not love except you

I realized it was not a dream I hope the fact

He whispered to come nearer .. Between my hands in Ohoudani

I will love Generator

Love, who collect Qlbana without an appointment or meeting

Fartzmt on my face features of silence

Invites him to close more

How I wish to see him

Here I am in your hands I miss and miss

You are my dream and my truth

Sorrows and happiness

Youth and childhood

I loved you from and realized the meaning of love with him

And then sang the birds

Glimmered and the stars of heaven

Pleased to announce this meeting

You and I and Tryst

Fact not fiction

The dream ended with the fact that the death of love

And hearts filled with sorrow and pain and separation.

What time is now

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Good evening

Good evening
Good evening

the time now

the time now


ibrahim lil

ibrahim lil
ibrahim lil