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Legs more beautiful

Legs more beautiful

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Each girl is important to take care of its feet and take care of their great care, so we will mention but O girls in this article some of the steps and procedures that must be adhered to for a good pedicures.

Method Foot Care
A container of soapy water.
Moisturizing Cream (Vaseline)
Scissors for nails
Almond oil or any other type of appropriate oils
Pumice stone black
Wooden cooler
(Cologne) perfume
Towel and cotton

How to use
Balvazlen national rinsing your feet, and put on shoes or Jawarba locked from all sides for an hour before bathing.
National Soak your feet in a container of warm water
Add to the bowl coarse salt; it helps to peeling foot, Cheraúha of lemon to cleanse your feet and earn Luna opening, and a little bit of almond oil.
National drying your feet after soaking.
Qusay nails straight way
Ibrda nails wooden cooler in one direction
Soak your feet again
Rub your feet well to get rid of dead skin
Focus on the ankles often through Frckhma using a pumice stone
Your feet get out of the container, and Dlkehma cream moisturizer, make sure to surrounding skin Nail
Massage the foot, especially after the fingers scanned (oneself with cologne) to give superior smoothness.

Solutions to the problems of the feet
There are several problems affecting the feet, and need to be resolved, including:

Roughness feet
To get rid of the roughness of the feet Just bring grated cucumber, egg yolk, and national Bmzjhma with each other and rub their feet, then Ashtafehma warm water. Another way is to bring the two tablespoons of lemon juice with two tablespoons of Vaseline, and two tablespoons of yeast, and Akhltém well Daém on your feet.

The smell of feet
To remove the unpleasant smell of feet using a national herb mint, thyme and rub their feet.

Darkening of the color of the feet
To lighten the color of your feet, you bring liquid glycerin, and castor oil, and lemon juice; where you mix these ingredients and painted on your feet the whole night, and then a national Bgzlema in the morning

Dry feet
To get rid of dry feet nationalist mixing egg yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil, and grease their feet

Sweating feet
To get rid of sweating feet nationalist placing them in lukewarm water a little talcum powder mixed, musk, and alum powder.

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