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Living in the pole - the polar bear

نتيجة بحث الصور عن الدب القطبي

Living in the pole - the polar bear

  Polar Bear starting from the external appearance magnificent white, to his body configurations, featuring a polar bear magnificent white scalp with a thick layer of fat under the skin, in order to protect him from the cold snow cold, he lives in the frozen Arctic and the scalp stretching along its length, and even parties to his feet and so to prevent it from sliding on the ice, is because the color white fur to protect them from abuse and thus have a color as snow.

It is possible that the polar bear is exposed to external aggression, whether human or animal, or members of his group.

Polar Bear features:

1. Polar Bear has a strong sense of smell enables it to know where there is prey shall be able to reach it quickly, and can also smell the strange or the aggressor if his presence felt.

2. Deeb polar very strong teeth and claws can has lead to death in one fell swoop it all and this feature makes it easy prey is reached.

As for the female polar bear Their function having kids and then dig your family home, as digging a shelter in the form of a ball under the earth could have a diameter of at least two meters, and make home-level underground in order to prevent the warmth of leakage to the outside.

Polar Bear recipes that help him to adapt to the cold polar environment throughout the year:

1. thick fur covering his body to protect him from the bitter cold
2. snow-white fur color in order to protect it from enemies
3. White fur along until the parties in order to protect the foot from sliding on the ice
4. The thick layer of fat that are found under the fur to protect him from the cold
The whereabouts of the polar bear and where they live?
Polar Bear kind of bears that live in the Arctic and that extends to the north of Alaska, Canada, Russia, Norway, Greenland and around.
Polar is one of the largest mammals on land and Bear, which is chunky meat, as a male polar bear weight of between 400 and 680 kg, while the weight of the female half.
Scientifically known as a name, a "sea bear" This came from the label that bears breed on land, but they spend most of their time at sea and catch constantly on the sea ice.
Polar serious problem Bear suffering is that it is threatened with extinction, but animal protection organizations have worked to reduce this problem and reduce cases of poaching, and this is due to the small number of the number of polar bears in the world and to maintain its position among the peoples of the Arctic old, was his prestige, where he was a key symbol of the polar bear in the physical life and the spiritual and cultural.

Hibernating polar bear:
Exercise polar bears activity during the year is normal and natural, females that are pregnant with the exception, although it has in the blood factor is not functional to extrapolate hibernate, as it has Kdrhh more than brown bears to endure hunger, they are able to fast for several months from late summer to early fall, they are no longer able to catch because of the melting ice and the disappearance of the seal, which was approved by the diet.

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