السبت، 14 فبراير 2015

Ant and Honey

On a drop of honey fell to the ground came a small ant Vtdhuguet honey
Then I tried to go but it seems that the taste of honey has refined her
Came back and took another sip and then she wanted to go
But it appears not only as I took it from honey
But it is no longer merely sip honey from the edge of the drop
And decided to intervene in the honey to enjoy it more and more
... Ant and entered in a drop of honey and took enjoy it
But they can not get out of their hands and legs have cable
And stuck to the ground and did not post the movement and remained that way until she died
Was a drop of honey
Is the cause of their death
And lack of conviction, including ones Archwth
(The reason for the bitter end)
If merely a little honey to survive.

What time is now

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Good evening

Good evening
Good evening

the time now

the time now


ibrahim lil

ibrahim lil
ibrahim lil