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How do I know I am pregnant

How do I know I am pregnant

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There are many tests which show that the woman was pregnant or not, and these tests:
A home pregnancy test.
Urinary pregnancy test in the laboratory.
Pregnancy test by blood in the laboratory.

Home pregnancy test
This type of test is diagnosed case of pregnancy through the hormone detected in the urine, and there are some home tests that show that women pregnant in early pregnancy, ie in the absence of the menstrual cycle (about 14 days after conception), including the use of home test by biopsy urine, and the emergence of the result on the device. If two lines of red woman appeared to be pregnant. But if one line is red woman is not pregnant.

Urinary pregnancy test in the laboratory
This examination is conducted in the laboratory to detect the hormone in the urine, which is very accurate in the discovery of the hormone; where the accuracy of 100%, and this type of testing helps to know a pregnancy during a period of 7 to 10 days from the occurrence of pregnancy. Blood analysis is more accurate than urine analysis, urine analysis, but cheaper than the blood analysis.

Laboratory blood tests
This examination is conducted in the laboratory, and the accuracy of the discovery of the hormone in 100%, and discovers that early in the pregnancy up to 7 days after conception; This test determines the date of the pregnancy by measuring the amount of the hormone.

Whatever the results of the laboratory must undergo a medical examination; because of some error in some cases may occur, and in particular at the beginning of pregnancy, it is advisable to repeat the test and medical examination to confirm the pregnancy.

If repeated adverse pregnancy outcomes with the continued disruption of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to see a doctor to make sure there an ectopic pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms
Color change Jldalmroh pregnant;; it becomes darker in color, whether Aldkona nipples or in Fajdaha or otherwise, and that's what makes sure her pregnancy in its early stages.
May appear on some of the pregnant women and small appendages on her skin, and consists mostly of skin appendages at the neck or on the woman's chest or under Abtiha, and these appendages infect pregnant women any harm; they disappear after birth shortly.
Of the obvious symptoms of an early pregnancy also, women severely injured by a rise in temperature.
Women feel during her pregnancy early sleepy and their need to sleep, do not you see only captive to her bed.
One of the symptoms that marks appear on the women also, increase the intensity of eyebrows.
Women infected in the first periods of early pregnancy Balouhma Web; as these are a few switchbacks that Tertsm the skin of pregnant women, and that the shape Kankpot so so named.
Headaches haunted women in the early stages of her pregnancy.
The emergence of fungi, and the large number of women to the secretion of substances from their genitals, and this is what worries her palm and Atabha and infect permanent itching.
Swelling of the lips of women is also a symptom of early pregnancy.
Swelling of the gums and swollen eyelids among women is also one of the symptoms that you get the women in the early stages of her pregnancy.

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