الخميس، 12 فبراير 2015

Intelligent donkey

Please do not harm the donkey

  My friends to you this moving story in one long days donkey signed in gummy well .okhz ass screaming for hours while the farmer was trying to think of a way to rid the donkey as the well was very deep and heavy ass rather than a way to get him out.
Finally, the farmer decided to become an old man ass and not its needs and that he should be buried anyway.
So there is no point of saving the ass. From here began to think negatively, as the farmer to call all the people of the village to assist in the burial of an ass in the well.
Grabbed them all pick and began pouring sand in the well. When concluded ass what happens began to take advantage of the situation,
Moments later calmed down completely ass.
Pry the farmer at the bottom of the well, which saw Vtfaji thinking positively, every time the sand is poured from the pick the ass to do something amazing, he recoils and drops the dirt at the bottom and take a step up above the new layer of sand.
While the farmer and the people of the village throwing sand and dirt over the ass rise up and take a step up.
After a period arrived ass to the edge of the well and came out while Ansdm and surprised the farmer and his neighbors from the wisdom of ass that did not notify them on PayPal.
After reading the story sisters Come see What is the interest of putting the story?
Life will receive us with sand any problems, all kinds of problems, and the idea of salvation from the well is not to let the dirt Tdvink but Tnfdha aside and take a step up. Every problem we face in life are a handful of dust must Nktoa above.

We can get out of a deeper problem, but you should not stop and never give up. And remember Anfdah step aside and take it.

What time is now

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Good evening

Good evening
Good evening

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the time now


ibrahim lil

ibrahim lil
ibrahim lil