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Body growth

Body growth


• increase the number of cells in the body, and in spite of its size in the human body.
• growth organs of the body's ability to carry out the functions of the Organization of each age stage.
• At the beginning of the movement of the child to be irregular growth but with the time to be more regular.
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• growth change appears on the human body in terms of type and number, size and shape.

• growth and continuous integrated process and thus predictable stages of growth.
• growth is a superset of the object changes occur in all aspects.
• heredity and environment, hormones, food and social environment affect the growth.
• Growth hormone (English: Growth hormone (GH) is a hormone protein peptide stimulates growth and stimulate cell proliferation and regeneration in humans and some other animals. The growth hormone, contain an amino acid, multiple peptides single series is produced and stored and then secreted by Mnumeih cells of the body (English: somatotroph) in the side of the pituitary gland forelimbs (in English: anterior pituitary). Growth 1 hormone (English: growth hormone 1), which is secreted naturally in animals called hormone Alsumaatutroben (in English: somatotropin), the label also released on the plant growth hormone through recombinant DNA technology (Author) [1] (English: Recombinant DNA Technology).

• Growth hormone is used as a medicine in medicine to treat growth disorders in children and treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults (in English: Growth Hormone Deficiency). In the United States, can get this hormone legally from pharmacies by prescription from your doctor. In recent years, some doctors in the United States began as growth hormone for elderly patients who suffer from a lack of growth hormone in order to increase vitality. However, the use of growth hormone legally licensed, but the efficiency and safety of this use has not been tested in court medical experiments so far. At present, the growth hormone is still a very complex subject, and still many unknown functions

And inhibitors of growth hormone secretion as follows:

• somatostatin from the periventricular nucleus (in English: periventricular nucleus)
• fluctuating concentrations of growth hormone and factor-like growth Ansleyn 1 (in English: IGF1) (by negative feedback on the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus)
• High blood sugar
• glucocorticoids (in English: glucocorticoids) also sometimes.

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