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What theater

What theater

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Considered to be one of the different forms of theater arts and place of performance and representation, and it is here that embodies or translate the stories and literary texts in front of the audience and using a combination of words and gestures some music and sound on its stage

The difference between the theater and theater

A lot of people use the word play and the people as a synonym for the word theater as they are using theater as a synonym for the word itself, too, but there is a big difference between these two words, Valmsarhah or theatrical show on the story or literary text The theater is dedicated to the display location
Theater components

Of the theater and some of the basic components including: public and actor and film director and producer

The viewers of the most important factors needed to complete the so-called theatrical presentation, and called Alihalgmehor


The product is a component of this theatrical work and primarily responsible for the success of the show or failure, and can participate more than one person in the production of and lies duties and product functions to obtain the display text and save money and material support to the right and get on the stage and provide appropriate technical support and monitoring other matters


Director shall be responsible for the technical power supply in the theater in general, is the one who coordinates the various efforts, and directed considerable power in the theater that he had been told that the offer belongs to the director, as for his powers and duties lies in the analysis of texts and read and interpreted and leadership representatives and team and oversee the training and coordination of the rest of the other efforts


And representatives are the people who represent and embody the text and submit it to the fans, and is characterized by representatives of the other of being possess that ability to separate their feelings and the representation of other feelings, not their own, and must be of such successful to enjoy some of the specifications and features, such as the body and the right sound and the ability to focus and flexibility and imagination and to have sufficient knowledge of the principles and methods of representation

Decoration design

Appropriate design of the decor to help the viewers or the public to understand the play and the expression of other theatrical properties aims, and the decor consists of many of the sights and scenes of types that have an impact in the art of decoration in the theater
Simple view is the view which provides a symbol, such as a picture drawn curtain in front of the stage
Creative scenes and be in the form of pieces of decoration for his part the subject of the drawings represent a particular environment passes, including representatives
Creative half closed reflects the open space and consists of decorative pieces by decree and the corresponding slots movement representatives
Closed scene is the scene which is inside an enclosed space, such as a rock
Landscape is the one who offers a landscape of water and trees

Based on the foregoing, dear reader notes that the theater and drama of the great and large arts and which coordinate the many efforts to get that wonderful work

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