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What is the story and the kinds

What is the story and the kinds

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• the meaning of the story you know: The story is a literary work describes one incident of life or a set of interrelated incidents, Slink writer in analyzing and considering his multiple aspects, to increase it a private humanitarian value, closely time and place Covenants on the occurrence of this event, and the sequence of the idea which plays a major role in Showing what punctuated by conflict and resolution of a node, or to undergo difficulties and obstacles, so that will be an interesting way and pulls the reader to a certain very end.

• definition of the story: Some critics know the story on it: the story is true or (artificial) writes prose style, and purpose of arousing the interest of the reader whether it's the evolution of events or represent the habits and morals, or unusual watch it.

• Types of Stories:
1. novel: The largest species of smaller stories.
2. tale: a narrative of real facts, or the facts of the fictional, and the writer is committed to the rules of fine art entirety.
3. The short story: It represents one event at the same time and time, nor Taatadh at the time time, (and this kind of stories recently) afternoon.
4. Aloqsosh or (clip): a character from the short story shorter, and its goal is the description or drawing of view.
5. story: and be a compromise between Aloqsosh novel, in which the writer Faihsr in Aloqsosh imagination in hand, focuses the effort, and described briefly.

• elements of the story:
1. ideas: a story ideas and be basic or secondary or be comprehensive, and contain the story of the types of ideas, namely: (main ideas / secondary ideas / general idea of the story)
2. characters: a main character, and this character to be the hero of the story, which plays a major role in the events ..
And Alchksaat secondary: the secondary characters that help the hero to complete the story.
3. events: the course of things that happen in the story.
4. Dialogue: Is the discourse that occurs between the heroes of the story and the rest of the other characters (secondary).
5. node: a problem facing the hero of the story, and he must find a solution to this node at the end of the story.
6. The time and place: a place where the story took place precisely where, any time, and time in which they occurred story, two very important due to their impact on the course of events.
The stories of many meanings, as it is a work of art that describes the story of a particular incident in life or be listed for a series of incidents which balled a coherent form, and that the story is a known when some as the story is not true that is, they artificially, as the story was being written style prose, as the story targets many notably stir readers' attention, Jat that story types, including the novel where the novel is longer and is one of the largest types of stories in size, in addition to the story as it is defined as the narrative of the facts of life, or be a fictional chronicle of making it is an idea man and his illusions, there are also short and very short stories.

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