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Sort clothes

Sort clothes

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Back from a tiring day, eager for up home, change clothes, enter your room, you open your closet, you see the chaos mired, stretch your hands in search of treasure, all I have is a piece of appropriate dresses, was obtained after a quarter of an hour of searching and "digging".
Why not be the selection of clothes from the Treasury process quite easily? The order of the clothes does not take a long time, and it takes the same time it will spend in the search for a piece ..!
The order of the clothes become an art, indispensable for every housewife eager, a fun work, it can be done while listening to the radio or a song, or one that is shared by Tsamrama during the talk.
To arrange clothes many ways, and the first to start the order of the Treasury:
- Aim for each family its own section in the closet shared clothes individuals.
- Sections of the Treasury for several specific things such as: drawers for socks, senior energy of sheets and bedspreads, Lower and energy to winter clothing, Central and energy to house wear, and the relationship of the clothes out.
Secondly, with regard to clothing:
- Do not wear out evaluating enclosing, Alekayaa even if were not ironed, they are not in need of further break-up and tucks.
- National fold clothes making her back facing your face, and twelve sleeve inside as well as the bottom until the middle, and put them in the closet and so on.
- T-shirts over shirts, Albulatin above Albulatin, pajamas over pajamas ... So Alaharpat, Alkravat, underwear, accessories, bags, skimming, socks, towels, sheets.
- Every time it folds clothes after washing, Connie and my every piece above organization by similarity.
- Do not talk mess with pulling speed of a piece of the middle row folded clothes, put your hand on the row clothes and then slowly pull the piece that best for you.
Third, with respect to the many costumed:
- Any piece of clothing passes by three months and you have not worn, a national dumping into the garbage or donation to a charity or organization, you do not need them.
- When you buy a new piece of clothing, a national piece throwing old clothes and worn.
- Clothes that no longer interfere in your body, whether you grew up, or become tight, you do not need them.
- The old brands, and all that outdated should go to the trash basket and you blindly.
- If it is good, and many clothes does not accommodate her treasury, national buying large boxes of straw, with the lid, and place on top of the Treasury, and Put the coming quarters clothes, Kmlabs this winter you get a vacuum in your closet.
Fourth, with respect to Balxsuarat:
- If the Treasury drawer wide, occurs chaos in the confluence of accessories Bbedhan nationalist bring cups and old glasses from the kitchen and put them in a drawer to separate the accessories contained in, or ask the carpenter what that is dividing the stairs to the boxes to facilitate the development of Alexswart, and now there are plastic barriers used Kawazel Accessories which are available in shops and markets.
- There are specialized relationships Scarves and Alkravataat and skimming, exploit spaces.
This regularity you solve the problem of chaos, and all you need is a commitment to the distribution of the folded clothes in designated sections and you'll get a durable and orderly arrangement.

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